What's Happening Locally Planning-Wise?


Chichester District  

As with many District Councils around the country, our own Chichester District Council plods on with its own Local Plan Review. The last Planning Wise in July 2020 anticipated a new Plan towards the Spring 2021. Whether COVID related or not, we now understand a new Local Development Scheme comprising the timetable for the Local Plan Review will be published in the next couple of months.

We have no information on the likely timescale for the publication of the Local Plan itself. Residential planning applications will therefore continue to be determined against policy in the Interim Housing Policy Statement, formally adopted by the Council in November 2020, to encourage additional residential development and head off a five-year land supply shortfall.

The issue fo Nitrates is also beginning to bite on planning applications that discharge to Chichester Harbour.

As we explained in the last Planning Wise, a nutrient neutrality statement must now be submitted with any application that:

  1. for residential, creates net additional dwellings or
  2. for commercial development, results in an increase in overnight stays where waste water would discharge to Appledram, Bosham or Thornham WastewaterTreatment Works (WwTW) or discharge to a means of non-mains drainage within the Chichester Harbour fluvial catchment.

Where neutrality cannot be achieved or mitigated, refusals can be expected. We can provide further information on best practice and approaches to mitigate impacts of development on nitrates on request.

Arun District

The adjacent Arun District also finds itself without a five year land supply of residential land, although as the large Strategic Sites such as at Barnham/Eastergate/Westergate begin to come onstream, land supply can be expected to improve.

The Council’s own Local Development Scheme was published last July and proposes a two part Local Plan Review, with an interim review of its Development Management Polices completed by Spring 2022 and a review of its Strategic Policies afterwards.

Final adoption of the new Plan is presently anticipated by the winter 2023.  Plan making is of course one constant in planning and at the moment during this third lockdown, it certainly does feel like the process is never ending…

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