Chichester local policy


The Interim Housing Policy of Chichester DC

Without a new Plan and new housing sites, Chichester District Council will be unable to show a 5-year supply of housing and accepts this makes it vulnerable to unplanned developments from speculative applications and planning appeals.

For this reason and to fill the policy vacuum, Chichester DC has therefore released an Interim Housing Policy to encourage additional housing developments on qualifying sites, including greenfield sites outside existing settlement policy boundaries.

The policy was subject to a period of consultation, which ended in July 2020, and whilst adoption is expected this coming September 2020, it is already being used to determine planning applications for housing.  

Naturally, if any of our clients have land they think might be suitable for a housing development, please get in touch and we would be pleased to assess it against the Interim Policy requirements for you.

Discuss your project with us — no commitment required.