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Planning, Architecture, Land Promotion

Who are your existing clients?

We currently work with a full range of clients including private clients, commercial clients, developers, and landowners.

How do you manage client confidentiality?

Integrity is critical to any successful business in this field. Hopefully, Kerry and Ben have demonstrated their respect for client confidentiality over the last ten years – this is reflected by many repeat clients.

What previous projects have you done in Chichester?

Many over the years, but some more prominent ones you may recognise: - The Board Walk – Mixed use scheme comprising townhouses, flats and retail) - 21 Lavant Road – 8 Luxury apartments - The Waterfront – 5 New detached houses overlooking the canal in Hunston - Benedicts – 4 New detached houses in the centre of Bosham - Freedom House – One off replacement house in Bosham - 21 Coney Six – Two for one beach front development in East Wittering

Will you be expanding your breadth of project type?

We will continue to focus on our key areas of specialism but we continue to improve our capacity to handle the larger projects.

Are you looking to take on larger schemes?

We will always look at any project on a case by case basis, but we believe our specialism lies in small to mid-size development schemes of architectural interest that aim to maximise value creation.

What are the current challenges in planning? What are the likely changes in planning policy in 2021?

Many Authorities are currently reviewing their local plans which brings uncertainty in terms of both development management policies (such as SDNPA) and housing numbers. This is a transition between local plans and can offer opportunities through monitoring and representation at the appropriate time.

What are the Architect teams design strengths – what types of architecture are you interested in?

We are interested in all types of architecture. A key strength is listening to our clients to understand their requirements. We have a strong connection with the local area and suggest appropriate styles of architecture depending on the location. This sensitive approach maximises development potential whilst also ensuring our clients are happy.

Who are the partners?

We have three partners in the business, Kerry Simmons, Ben Smith and Luke Davies. Ben Smith leads the Architectural Team and Kerry Simmons leads the planning team. Luke Davies supports Ben and Kerry with shaping the overall strategic direction of the business, Luke helps to drive the business and infrastructure development activity required to support the mid to long term growth plans of the business.